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Penn State Faculty

Faculty Opportunities

Mentor a Challenge Team

Penn State faculty have the unique opportunity to serve as mentors to Nittany AI Challenge teams. Mentors need not be AI experts to participate; they just need the time and the desire to help. Participating teams can benefit from support in both technical and non-technical areas including project management, team dynamics, and presentation design. Additionally, subject-matter experts in fields aligned with this year’s interest areas (health, humanitarianism, education, and sustainability and climate change) can help guide teams’ solutions and navigate the complex data landscape.

Time commitment will vary depending on individual team needs and success within the Challenge. As general guidance, mentors should plan to meet with their respective team(s) at least twice prior to each submission deadline.

Share Alliance News

Help spread the word about the Nittany AI Alliance across Penn State campuses, colleges, and departments. The Alliance is most successful when a broad spectrum of individuals, skills, and areas of expertise are represented in our challenges and events. Some easy ways to advocate for the Alliance include:

  • sharing via social media channels, using #NittanyAI
  • talking with classes or student clubs and organizations
  • emailing students, colleagues, or friends
  • offering course credit or extra credit
  • encouraging students to leverage the Challenge for capstone projects
  • facilitating Alliance leadership presentations to student groups

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