Inspire Speakers and Panelists

Participating as a Speaker or Panelist

Thank you for considering or committing to participation in an Inspire event. We strive to bring together subject matter experts from within and outside of Penn State, AI companies, and sponsors/partners to create exciting events that showcase a variety of viewpoints and fields of study. Read on for more information regarding what to expect as a speaker or panelist. 

Time Commitment

  • 1-hour panelist meeting
  • 15-minute tech check
  • 1.5–2 hours event participation
  • 1–2 hours event preparation, as needed

Event Promotion

Nittany AI Inspire events are promoted through the following channels:

  • Email marketing to Nittany AI Alliance database (3,000+)
  • Social media marketing via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter (1500+) 
  • Digital signs across campuses and colleges
  • Event calendars across campuses and colleges
  • Listservs across campuses and colleges
  • Sponsors and partners

To effectively promote Inspire events and include all speakers and panelists, as well as recognize their associated affiliations, we ask that you provide:

  • Signed speaker agreement form
  • Headshot (high resolution jpg)
  • Biography (300 words or less)
  • Company logo (high resolution png in one color and full color)
  • Quote prior to and after the event that may appear in a press release
  • Social media handles, if applicable (personal and company)

We encourage all speakers and panelists to share their involvement in the event via social media and ask that if you do so, please tag us @PSUNittanyAI. 

Event Logistics

  • All Inspire events will be held via Zoom webinars.
  • Events will be recorded, and all recordings will be uploaded to the Nittany AI YouTube channel following the event.
  • Only event hosts, speakers, and panelists will be able to turn on audio and video without sending a request to do so.
  • Participants will ask questions via the Q&A, chat, and raise hand functions, which will be managed by co-hosts and the moderator.

Stay Informed

The Alliance is hard at work with AI industry partners to bring cutting-edge programming to Penn State. Don’t miss your opportunity to get involved!

Share your contact information to stay up-to-date on all of the activities, challenges, and networking opportunities the Nittany AI Alliance will be offering in the coming months. You’ll be among the first to know about AI–related programming, giving you a chance to sign up early for events that may offer limited seating or enrollment capacity.

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