Nittany AI Advance

Empowering Innovation, Impacting Change

The Nittany AI Advance program is a key component of the Nittany AI Alliance innovation model, providing a deep, consultative approach to engaging and helping organizations solve old problems in new ways using artificial intelligence (AI). Through team-based projects that follow an agile development methodology, students from diverse academic disciplines collaborate with industry and nonprofit organizations to develop AI proofs of concept that demonstrate how AI could solve real-world business challenges and create new opportunities.

The unique Advance partnership model provides a collaborative environment that brings together multiple stakeholders that serve in specific roles to ensure a project’s success while also gaining benefits that are specific to the partner organization. These collaborative projects fuel innovation and provide a strategic process for industry partners to secure top talent, all while exploring how AI can help tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our world.

AI for a Better World

Mandated telework during the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced public transportation ridership in Philadelphia.

Advance projects are rooted in Nittany AI’s core philosophy of AI for Good. Students, faculty, industry, and nonprofit organizations work together to develop AI proofs of concept that showcase the potential of AI to positively impact education, the environment, health, and humanitarianism. 

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Be Part of the Nittany AI Advance Program

Penn State Students
Penn State Students - Jumpstart your career while using AI for Good. The Nittany AI Advance program provides students with unmatched learning experiences to prepare them for an AI-enabled world.
Nonprofit Partners
Nonprofit Partners - Partner with Nittany AI Advance to take advantage of the recent developments in AI to help improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase productivity in your nonprofit organization.
Industry Partners
Industry Partners - Fuel innovation by providing funding, mentorship, and professional expertise to Penn State students developing AI applications for nonprofit organizations.

Penn State Faculty 

Want to apply your expertise to assist students in putting AI to use? The Nittany AI Advance program connects faculty to the practical application of AI, helping to generate research ideas while growing the expertise of future researchers. Contact Andy Gatto, Strategic Partners Manager for Nittany AI Alliance, at to learn more.