Nittany AI Advance

Future-proof your education

The Nittany AI Advance program is looking for motivated and knowledgeable undergraduate Penn State students seeking experience in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning. We hire students with a background in software development or data science to join our AI Advance team, working on collaborative teams during the spring and fall semesters. Advance participants have the opportunity to work on AI projects that address real-world issues, advancing their skills to a level that demands the attention of future employers.

Stand out amongst your peers

The Nittany AI Advance program is designed to instill you with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence as well as the skills to successfully apply AI solutions to solve problems. The program builds on your classroom learning, helping you prepare for a rewarding summer internship and, ultimately, meaningful job placement.

Fast-track your career growth

Your experience as an AI Advance participant can put you on a path to your first AI–focused job and rapid career advancement by teaching you to:

  • create an AI proof of concept that proves the feasibility of using AI/ML to solve a problem
  • interact directly with clients to produce creative solutions using real data
  • work collaboratively as a team in an agile project management environment

If you’re interested in focused AI learning to prepare for a career in software development or data science, you’re strongly encouraged to apply to the Nittany AI Advance program.

During my (Nittany AI Advance) internship, I was involved in the preparation and analysis of real data. Our team worked together to create a prototype to show how the admission process at Penn State can be improved for interested high school students … The experience shaped my opinion about what computer vision and natural language processing can and should offer to facilitate the education system.

—Farnaz Tehranchi, Nittany AI Advance participant