Nittany AI Challenge

Challenge Yourself to Make the World a Better Place

The Nittany AI Challenge offers Penn State students the opportunity to address pressing global issues and build solutions using AI and machine learning, regardless of technical skill or expertise. Students leverage diverse skill sets in multi-disciplinary teams to take their learning beyond the classroom and experience the true innovation that occurs when working collaboratively to harness the power of AI for Good.

Challenge alumni have shared that the main benefits of competing are:

Gain Valuable Skills

From hands-on experience with AI technologies to critical leadership skills, the Challenge provides learning opportunities for each role on a team.

Interdisciplinary Teams

Each year, 30–40% of all participants in the Challenge are from non-technical majors. In fact, we find that the most successful and innovative teams often have a healthy combination of technical and non-technical members.

Build Professional Networks

Many Challenge alumni have gained job offers, valuable résumé additions, capstone course submissions, startup ideas, patent applications, and so much more through the Challenge.

Win Prizes

Teams that advance to the MVP phase of the Challenge can win funding dollars to support the development of their AI application and get significant exposure through multiple marketing channels across the University.

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