Environment: Ideas and Inspiration

Explore Environment Project Ideas

  • Imagine an intelligent agricultural system that uses AI to monitor and optimize farming practices, reducing the need for fertilizers and water while increasing crop yields.
  • Create an AI system to transform weather forecasting and improve our understanding of the effects of climate change.
  • An AI–powered system to provide early detection of invasive fauna and optimize removal efforts.
  • How can AI be used to more quickly and accurately identify sources of pollution?
  • Leverage AI to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of alternative energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar arrays.
  • Use the predictive powers of AI to help researchers understand the human actions and subsequent changing conditions that harm the oceans.
  • Create a system using AI to improve water and waste management systems to better monitor water quality, predict maintenance needs, and manage use.
  • Design a system using satellite imagery to monitor the earth’s forests, identifying areas of concern early and optimizing efforts at reforestation.
  • Build a system to identify areas of overfishing to protect the worlds fisheries.
  • Imagine an AI system to monitor endangered animal populations to predict and prevent poaching threats.