AI for Good Pillars

The goal of the Nittany AI Challenge is to advance ideas that support furthering AI for Good. Idea submissions should offer innovative and impactful applications of AI that improve the world in one of the following four pillars:

Maximize student achievement and improve teacher productivity and, using AI to drive an increase in access to educational opportunities and/or a reduction in time and cost to earn a degree.

Education ideas and inspiration

Improve environmental quality and reduce natural resource depletion, using AI to decrease the impact of major contributors to our planet’s climate change challenges.

Environment ideas and inspiration

Advance the pursuit of human health, using AI to ensure healthy lives, improve nutrition, achieve food security, and promote sustainable agriculture.

Health ideas and inspiration

Advance the pursuit of human prosperity and happiness and address humanitarian challenges at home and globally through the development of innovative solutions leveraging AI.

Humanitarianism ideas and inspiration

Additional Resources

Still searching for a compelling and potentially impactful idea? Review the additional resources below.