2022 Phase One Winners

Twenty teams have been selected to move forward to compete in the Prototype Phase. Teams have submitted initial ideas to promote AI for Good through education, environment, health, and humanitarianism.

  • 42MORO — Helping farmers struggling with crop loss in both open-field and greenhouse applications
  • AudioHUD — Providing a tool for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community to enhance situational awareness
  • C0 — Helping university campuses monitor, predict, and reduce their carbon emissions
  • Career-Connect — a social network application focused on profile upskilling and connecting people
  • Early Warning System for Wildlife — a device using AI and sound recognition to tackle the problem of deforestation and poaching
  • Eleos — an interactive AI companion providing a healthy release for negative, pent-up emotions
  • Have AI Heart — an app assisting in the prediction and prevention of heart disease
  • Hello World — a browser tool helping visually-impaired individuals more fully interact with the online world
  • iLenz — an affordable tool providing AI-based, dilation-free home eye exams
  • LexNectare — a tool that helps guide attorneys providing pro-bono service through the legal elements of the claim
  • M&MH Team — a fintech tool helping identify early-warning signs for individuals with serious mental illnesses.
  • PEAR — a mobile application to support healthy eating by providing simple estimations of meal nutrition facts
  • Portal AI — a solution using blockchain and AI to track use of funds acquired through donations
  • RetroFlux — an online note-sharing platform where students can edit notes in a real-time collaborative environment
  • SafeStroll — a safety-focused app that identifies the safest possible walking route for users
  • SchizophrenAI — a mental health resource promoting awareness and accessibility of resources for serious mental health issues
  • Singularity — an AI–powered reconnaissance drone that provides law enforcement with critical, real-time information
  • SkaiVue — an AI–powered drone for surveying land development sites
  • Stellar AI — a tool helping job applicants identify the skills and experiences necessary to get the job of their dreams
  • SW Swift — a platform to optimize and maximize the efficiency of solar farms and wind turbines

Past Winners