Large Language Model Tools

Use this brief overview of some of today’s top Large Language Model (LLM) tools and platforms to help you decide how you want build your Challenge project and prepare it for competition. These tools can help your team integrate state-of-the art language and vision models into a wide array of applications.   


Anthropic has introduced its language model, Claude, as an alternative to OpenAI’s offerings. Their site shares detailed pricing information and comprehensive documentation to support developers in setting up, using, and integrating Claude into their applications. 

Claude pricing and details

Claude documentation

Google Gemini

Google has made strides in AI with Gemini, which covers a broad spectrum of AI functionalities including vision, language, and audio, making it a formidable toolset for multi-modal AI development. 

Google Gemini overview

Hugging Face 

Hugging Face stands out as a repository hosting a multitude of pre-trained models across various domains such as NLP and computer vision. They offer transparent pricing for deploying these models, which is essential for developers looking to use open-source models in a production environment. 

Hugging Face models

Hugging Face pricing


Langchain offers documentation that serves as a valuable resource for developers utilizing LLMs. Its modular design caters to the integration of LLMs into diverse applications, offering the flexibility needed for both small- and large-scale projects. 

Langchain overview

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Azure and AWS are robust platforms for hosting LLMs. They offer scalability, reliability, and a range of services specifically designed for AI and machine learning projects. Utilizing their services can significantly streamline the deployment and management of LLM applications. 

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services  


The OpenAI API offers extensive documentation and a reference guide that includes examples and best practices to assist developers in getting started. It also provides a pricing structure for both language and vision capabilities, which is crucial for effective budget planning.

OpenAI API introduction and documentation