Health: Ideas and Inspiration

Explore Health Project Ideas

  • Imagine a tool that can use computer vision to diagnose outward signs of disease in remote areas with limited access to medical professionals.
  • Create an AI tool that can predict outbreaks of disease or work backward to pinpoint the starting point of an outbreak with greater speed or accuracy.
  • How can an AI tool better triage emergency medical situations, making better use of limited medical capacity?
  • Leverage AI to better identify and treat nutritional deficiencies in at-risk populations.
  • Use AI to help pathologists better identify abnormalities in medical scans.
  • Create a tool that provides early and accurate prediction of diabetes.
  • Design an early-warning system for dementia using AI to analyze speech and behavior patterns.
  • Build a tool to provide entry-level medical diagnosis.
  • Imagine a tool that can provide malaria diagnosis early and predict patterns of its spread.
  • Create a tool to predict patterns and growth rates of spreading diseases.
  • Leverage AI to predict and reduce instances of suicide.