By default, prizes in each phase will be awarded to each team on a pro rata basis. Individuals will be responsible for financial implications of the prize, including tax liability and impact to financial aid.

Challenge Phases

Note: There will be no Idea Phase this year. 

Prototype Phase

Up to 15 prototype submissions will be awarded a $500 prize each to incentivize and support the development of a minimum viable product (MVP) for the final phase of the Challenge. Prizes in the Prototype Phase will be awarded to the team lead for further distribution. Teams will be responsible for determining the method of prize allocation to individual members.

MVP Phase

Each team submitting an MVP by the specified deadline will be eligible to receive a prize. Prizes in the MVP Phase will be distributed to individual members of the team. Prizes in this phase will include:

  • First place: $5,000
  • Second place: $3,500
  • Third through fifth place: $2,000 each team

Vishwamitra AI Geography Award

$1,000 Geo-Literacy Prize Funded by the GeoEd Foundation

GeoEd Foundation logoNittany AI Challenge teams whose MVPs incorporate aspects of geo-literacy in their solutions may be eligible for the Vishwamitra AI Geography Award. At the conclusion of the MVP Phase, one team will receive this award and $1,000 to support the continued development of their AI project.

This is separate prize money that can be awarded to any team. 

Continued MVP Development

Additionally, teams may qualify for additional funding in support of continued MVP development. Continued MVP development would likely be done in cooperation with an organization that would benefit from the solution, e.g., a nonprofit. This project-based funding would be evaluated and awarded separately and will depend on the nonprofit’s interest in working with the team and the team’s availability. Details on additional funding opportunities will be shared as they become available. 

Development  Costs 

  • Teams are solely responsible for any costs associated with the development of their prototypes and MVPs. Levels of free access and/or credit to specific AI and hosting platforms are available to Challenge participants and should be sufficient for development work up through the MVP Phase. Any costs incurred in excess of the free access and/or credits during or after the completion of the Nittany AI Challenge are the sole responsibility of the participants or team of participants.