2023 Nittany AI Challenge Results

MVP Phase Winners

Three teams were awarded funding in the final phase of the 2023 Nittany AI Challenge.

OfferPilot — $15,000 Winner

Members of OfferPilot accepting their prize

OfferPilot offers an innovative approach to crafting distinct résumés that are essential for securing internships for students. The app streamlines input with user-friendly language, provides personalized advice on areas of growth for students, and matches students with fitting internships positions. By harnessing AI’s potential, OfferPilot transforms college students’ internships and entry-level position prospects and benefits hiring managers by ensuring higher-quality and more fit talent selection.

Team Members:

  • Yajat Dewan
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Omer Kandenir
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Stephen Leshko
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Omar Rady
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park

Oris — $5,000 Winner

Members of ORIS accepting their prize

Oris allows users to perform dental imaging through the use of a mobile phone and an attachable device. The application aims to identify early signs dental cavities and gum diseases and provides an affordable approach to preventive dental care.

Team Members:

  • Rida Hamid
    Behavioral Health, Penn State University Park
  • Kenny Hermus 
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Sahil Kuwadia
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Maxwell Palamarchuk 
    Aerospace Engineering, Penn State University Park
  • Loc Phan 
    Physics, Penn State University Park
  • Saadya Rao
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Loc Phan
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Samarth Tehri 
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Mabel Tong
    Neuroscience, Penn State University Park

TutorAI — $5,000 Winner

Members of TutorAI accepting their prize

TutorAI makes studying more effective and efficient for students. By processing course materials into a learning machine tool called vector embeddings, TutorAI is able to search through hours of course materials in seconds and take students directly to where they can find the information they need.

Team Members:

  • Ryan Jai Hokimi
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Cole Johnson
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park 
  • Stephen Lesko
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Panav Sheth
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park
  • Zachary Walnock
    Computer Science, Penn State University Park

Prototype Phase Winners 

Ten Nittany AI Challenge teams were awarded $1,500 from Nittany AI Alliance and strategic partners. The teams moved forward to compete in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Phase and the winners were announced on September 7 at the AI for Good Expo. 

  • Alert Heart  —  A wireless device capable of detecting heart attacks and alerting caretakers
  • Achievify —  a career trajectory and exploration tool for underserved communities created by leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, in tandem with diverse backgrounds, expertise, advocacy, and real community voices
  • OfferPilot —  a solution to help students find and secure entry-level positions, from building a perfect, tailored resume to cover letters
  • Oris — empowering medical volunteers with AI technology for improved oral disease detection and classification in low-income communities
  • Storio — an AI–powered conversational application designed for children and families
  • Therapeutrack — an application that helps therapists and mental health patients keep track of their mental health journey
  • TransferMaster —  a cutting-edge AI solution used to accelerate and reduce the cost of the transfer credit process at large universities like Penn State
  • Trinity — a portable, modular AI-based smart device that measures, predicts, and is the basis of the framework for managing the potability of water sources
  • TutorAI — an accessible and affordable tutor for all students, whenever a student needs one

Past Winners

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