Education: Ideas and Inspiration

Explore Education Project Ideas

  • Imagine a tool to facilitate creative funding for your education. Micro-funding? Personalized scholarships? AI–enabled go-fund-me?
  • An AI assistant that can convert and serve up course materials based on student needs — time available, electronic format desired (audio, mobile, tablet, file type).
  • How can an AI tool help reduce the time and cost to degree for students?
  • Leverage AI to build a scalable counselor for at-risk or struggling students.
  • Use AI to analyze course materials for better, more inclusive learning
  • Create a tool to bring students together in study groups or match them with mentors, which could include students that have taken the course and are willing to help. Use AI to build and manage a community of learners.
  • Design a tool that matches students to engaged scholarship opportunities in places where their expertise would do the most good, helping them further their education while improving the world.
  • Build a tool that connects the highest-need populations with free and open-access educational materials.
  • Create a tool that can link those with the greatest needs with the best educational opportunities for their location and job market.
  • Leverage AI to help preserve at-risk indigenous cultures.