Nonprofit Partners

Nonprofit organizations are invited to partner with Nittany AI Advance to take advantage of the recent developments in AI to help improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase productivity. As a partner, you will leverage the skills and expertise of talented Penn State students and our industry partners. Nonprofit organizations can expect to provide subject matter expertise, access to data and key resources, and collaboratively engage with the student team(s) over the course of a project.

Unlock the Power of AI for Your Nonprofit Organization

We understand that each nonprofit organization has a unique set of resources, goals, challenges, and measurements for success. That’s why our Advance projects in collaboration with nonprofit organizations are designed to be flexible and adaptable. Advance project directions are tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

AI Proof of Concept: Turning Ideas into Feasible Solutions

Nonprofit organizations that partner with Nittany AI Advance will learn to better understand the feasibility of artificial intelligence as a solution in their organization. This partnership typically identifies a business need and offers solutions and/or a proof of concept (PoC), depending on the challenge. The goal of the PoC is to demonstrate the feasibility and application of AI to address a specific problem or need. This is a logical first step toward exploring the capabilities of AI, as well as learning about the resources each organization needs to support the technology. The dedicated Advance team will guide partners through the PoC process.

Become a Partner

Contact Andy Gatto, Strategic Partners Manager for Nittany AI Alliance, at to begin the process of becoming a partner.