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The Nittany AI Alliance strives to create experiential learning opportunities in artificial intelligence and machine learning for Penn State students, however, we cannot fulfill our mission without leveraging the knowledge of a wide variety of subject-matter experts. As our students embark on their unique AI journeys, it is our hope that they find an area in one of our four AI for Good pillars that inspires them to use AI to make the world a better place.AI for GoodOur AI for Good pillars are education, environment, humanitarianism, and health, and we are seeking experts in all areas of each pillar to share their knowledge and experience in a number of ways:

  • Mentor a Nittany AI Challenge team.
  • Review the entries submitted to the Nittany AI Challenge and provide ratings for each submission.
  • Participate in a Nittany AI Inspire event as a panelist, speaker, or ideation session leader.
  • Provide a short video that outlines your work, to serve as inspiration to students seeking ideas for the Nittany AI Challenge (video submission instructions below).

Tell your story with a short video

We are asking you, as a subject-matter expert, to record a 2–3 minute video that explains your research, goal, or organization mission and captures the challenges you’re currently facing. Your video will be used with the intention of sparking inspiration among Penn State students to use AI to help overcome your challenge.

Video content

Recommended topics to include in your video submission:

  • name, company/organization, title
  • 1–2 sentence description of your project goals or your organization’s mission
  • who you are trying to help, and why
  • the top 1–3 challenges that are impeding your goals
  • a short example of a recent success or moment of pride

Video guidelines, submission, and sharing

  • Record your video using your favorite virtual meeting platform (e.g., Zoom), or even your cell phone – professional quality is not necessary or expected!
  • Upload your video to any cloud-based storage solution (Box, Sharepoint, etc.) and be sure to update the share settings so that “anyone with the link” can download the video.
  • Provide the URL where your video can be accessed in the form below.
  • The Nittany AI team will download your video and upload it to the Nittany AI YouTube channel, where it will be shared with students interested in solving real-world problems using AI.

Submit your video

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Please contact for any questions or assistance with video recording and uploading.