Current Results

Phase One Winners

Twenty teams have been awarded $500 and will move forward to compete in the Prototype Phase. Teams have submitted initial ideas to promote AI for Good through education, environment, health, and humanitarianism.

  • Abundant Connections — Reduce annual food waste by using computer simulation, machine learning, and web development to monitor food waste in communities and connect with those in need of food

  • AIPR — Solution aiming to limit contamination by sorting materials using machine learning to make recycling more efficient and economical

  • Briefly — Smart summarizer tool that extracts meaningful information from text, audio, and video source to aid students with online learning

  • BuriedDeep ML — Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) robot used to locate valuable metals in a landfill that can be recycled, ultimately reducing waste

  • Bytehealth — AI used to prevent depression though a multifaceted data acquisition and analysis system

  • CVID — Website that provides information about specific areas in the United States and the need for the COVID-19 vaccines

  • Fifth Sense — AI–based live sound-transcription mobile application for the hearing impaired

  • Food Aid — AI–based program to help food banks meet nutritional needs for the population they serve

  • Ground Up — Reduce the environmental impact of meat production by using AI to predict combinations of plant-based products to mimic ground meat

  • InsectEye — AI–based insect trap and identification system to assist entomologists in understanding insect biodiversity

  • PocketLawyer — Mobile application using AI to identify emotive words that will trigger automatic recordings on smart phones for use in instances of domestic abuse or abuse of power situations

  • Psy Space — AI utilized through a mobile and web application to provide support that can ease short-term distress and identify mental health conditions in the absence of a health care professional on site

  • — AI imagery and temperature screening robotic system for automated body temperature monitoring of construction workers

  • Reach.AI — AI to analyze public data in rural Pennsylvania to bridge racial and ethnic health inequity and disparity

  • Reconnect — AI to identify phone addiction by recognizing excess screen time, presenting user with an alternative, real-world activity to try in its place

  • StartUP — AI–based platform which enables users to interact with tools that work to inform the entrepreneur to make better business decisions and avoid costly mistakes

  • Table Rock Markets — E-commerce platform designed to keep farms in business by increasing sales and profitability, while helping families eat healthy, locally grown food

  • The Mental Health Project — Software designed for mental health professionals to provide diagnostics, treatment and to identify patients who may be hard to treat by aggregating initial self-reported data

  • Trace — Urban growth monitoring solution to provide cities with data to better assist in preparation for natural disasters

  • TwinnR — AI–driven solution to access data and better provide smart manufacturing solutions