Current Results

Phase One Winners

Twenty teams have been awarded $500 and will move forward to compete in the Prototype Phase during Penn State Startup Week.

  • ADHD Proposal
  • Aidly
  • AI–powered lecture engagement enhancer
  • Applications of computer vision toward search and rescue
  • ARFind: A real-time augmented reality smart navigation system for visually impaired individuals
  • Assisting radiologists in diagnoses with convolutional neural networks
  • Bloom: Connecting smallholder farmers in developing countries
  • Clinical trial design success prediction model and design suggestion tool
  • Comments for consideration
  • DACTR: Depression Advisory Correctional Therapy Rehabilitation
  • Energy Solutions
  • Fast Insights: video-to-text summarizer
  • Forest Fire Prevention AI
  • Insight: predicting demand from historical data using deep learning time series model
  • Insurance Compatibility Assistant
  • MedArmor: Genetic and AI-based diagnosis and medical cost estimation
  • NittanyLink
  • Nyansapo
  • Tech Cycle
  • Vessel