Team Formation

Nittany AI Challenge Team Tool

The Nittany AI Challenge Team Tool is the central hub for building and finding teams in the 2020 Nittany AI Challenge. The tool is open for anyone interested in the Challenge. Have an idea but need help? Have valuable skills but need an idea? The Team Tool can help.


By using the Nittany AI Challenge Team Tool you agree to the terms and conditions of the Challenge.

Recommended Challenge Team Roles

While there are several roles necessary for a successful team, there are no requirements regarding your team’s size. Successful teams to date have most often had four and six members.

Roles include:

  • Team Lead — helps guide the team, ensuring everyone is working in concert to achieve the desired results. The team lead also provides project management to bring the team to a successful and timely submission. 
  • Presentation/Marketing Lead — concentrates on conveying the work of the other team members through documentation, videos, and pitches.
  • Technical Lead(s) — leads the project from a technical perspective, helping the team understand the tradeoffs of the technical decisions and leading the actual programming of the solution. This could include separate individuals focused on front-end development, back-end development, and data science.
  • Design Lead — leads the team in user experience/user interface design decisions and development. The importance of someone in this role for later stages of the Challenge cannot be overemphasized.