Oracle Advantage

During the 2019 Nittany AI Challenge, Oracle will be sponsoring the advancement of at least two solutions that leverage their suite of AI tools to the MVP phase of the Challenge. Teams funded through the Oracle Advantage are included in the total number of possible solutions funded at each level and are not additional. To be eligible, teams must substantively leverage the Oracle tools within their solution and are responsible for describing that use in each phase’s documentation and presentations.

One way to utilize Oracle’s technology is by critically assessing the functionality of LionPATH. There has been much attention on LionPATH since the launch of the system. Because LionPATH is a student-centric system, and Penn State wants to make LionPATH easier to use as well as more efficient and responsive for staff and faculty, Oracle encourages student teams to explore opportunities for leveraging AI/ML to improve it. While Penn State has been making changes to improve the system, the student experience provides a unique perspective to identify opportunities to use AI/ML to enable longer-term improvements.  

LionPATH is just one of many University challenges student teams can tackle using Oracle’s technology. Read more about Challenge Categories.

About Oracle

The 2019 Nittany AI Challenge would not be possible without the support of our premier sponsor, Oracle. Oracle helps higher education institutions worldwide enrich the teaching and learning experience with innovative cloud solutions that enable student success and institutional sustainability. The company has vast experience worldwide in delivering innovative industry solutions and is empowering universities and colleges to create the next-generation digital campus experience that connects people, processes, and experiences.

Oracle Tools and Technology

Oracle’s ready-to-build AI platform gives data scientists and application developers a range of cloud services to easily build, train, deploy, and manage AI-powered solutions.